Al Hikmah Businessmen Services

We as a team Provide End-End Consulting services. Below listed are few of our services which we highly focus to deliver with a best quality services in the market.


Annual contracts

Evading fines we shall attract your attention to renewal dates so as not subject the institution to pay fines and

Administrative consultants

Providing the technical advice for designing the organizational structure for foundations and specifying authorities and

Legal consultations

If you want legal drafting for establishment contract for your company or if you want to know your legal position as

Approved Legal Translation

Translation shall be deemed as one of the services list, provided in Al Hikmah Center for our esteemed customers.

Marketing advisor

We have a group of persons, having long experience in the Emirate market (fabrics- jewelry- Abayahs-building

Drafting contracts for companies

Registering the trademarks, patents and intellectual property in the competent government departments Giving complete

Training courses

Legal arbitration - management and strategic planning – social responsibility – media and press.

Companies establishment

We prepare establishment contracts for all companies types, drafting contracts and finishing all procedures related to

Decoration and est service

Decoration – security and safety modifications – hotels and restaurants preparations - concerts and meeting

Our other Services

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